The fruit garden

In the fruitgarden small fruits as raspberries, red and black currants, goosberries and blueberries can be picked.
You will be given the containers (250cc).

During the season the garden is open to the public on wednesday and during the weekend.
For an apointment or for checking availability you can call +39 0341 911124 of +39 348 670 8313


(depending on the weather):

Raspberries: from the end of June onwards until October with a peak around mid July.
Blueberries: from mid July until October.
Red currants: the second half of June.
Black currants: from mid June until about mid July.
Gooseberries: July


Raspberries not only have a delicious taste but are very healthy as well. Click for informative links.


packed with vitamin C, and not only... click for links about Blueberries.

Red Currant

Fiber, vitamin C and K, iron... read more

Black Currant

Study claims blackcurrant is No 1 'superfruit'...Read more.


The Gooseberry is effective to prevent cancer or tumor cell growth...Read more about this.