All sirups are made of our home grown fruits and flowers.

By adding (sparkling) water they make refreshing and healthy drinks but of course you can use them as a tasty topping on yoghurt, icecream or pudding.

The Black Currant Sirup is packed with vitamin C and helpfull in case of a cold. It's a sirup with a full taste that makes a nice 'aperitivo' by mixing it with a Pro Secco.

Elderlyflower sirup is very popular in Italy in the cocktail 'Hugo'. But mixed with sparkling water it's the most refreshing drink on a hot summer day! 

We ourselves created cocktail 'Signûr' with Redcurrant sirup, applejuice from our own apples, sparkling wine and...come and try!



Red Currant, 
Black Currant, 
Elderberry flower

(not all flavours are available all year round) 

Bottle 500 ml. - Euro 6,00