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Azienda Agricola




This is our little paradise.

We happily spend a lot of time seeding & weeding, grooming & feeding,

and watching how nature is in continuous change. 

If you want to experience this you can visit us in July

for gathering raspberries, blueberries and black currants. 

Honey and preserves are available all year round and a holiday home can be rented.    

Fruit Garden

The fruit garden offers raspberries, blueberries,

red, white and black currants and gooseberries. 

We use the fruits for making our delicious jams, syrups and vinegars

but you can also pick them: we hand you the tray (250 cc).

July is the main month of harvest.

You can call for an appointment or just pass and see if we are in.


Home Made

With our organic home grown fruits, vegetables and herbs we make

delicious jams, syrups, vinegars and juices.

We make the preserves the way our grandmother used to do,

boiling fruit and sugar in a hughe pan, stirring it until the right thickness and... done! 

The pectin is from our own apples.

Our thanks go to the bees for the luscious honey they make!



No farm without animals...

The donkeys work hard to keep the land clean,

as well as the cats, which ensure that the population of mice

does not get out of control.

The chickens lay their eggs and occasionally arrive on our plate.

The Indian Runners (ducks) run after mosquitoes and 'mow' the lawn

(we should have more to not have to help them with that job).

The geese are the guards and ensure that the fox stays at a distance.

And they all keep us company.

Where we are

We are well hidden ...


... but all in all we are half an hour away from Lake Como,

and a few minutes from the beautiful mountains at Piani di Artavaggio and Piani di Bobbio.


We are on the Valsassina plateau and from the Culmine di San Pietro you can see us.


But to visit us you must pass Cassina Valsassina and follow for Mezzacca.

And when, at a certain moment, you think "but ... this road cannot be the right one ..."

it means that you are almost there!